This just in... I'll be doing a show at the Galley at the Marina Wednesday, February 10th, 5-8:30pm. First show since shoulder repair...
Another change in latitude and a change in attitude

Some of you know I have been preparing to return to a mainstream career. My dad got very sick this past year and I've learned some valuable lessons through this event, most importantly, I need to be better prepared for the future. 
Gerry Gontang said to me recently, "you're not retiring from music"! I'm happy to say he's right. I can't walk away from entertaining. It's a passion of mine and I'm incredibly blessed to have people who have supported me so generously still standing by me. I will be pefrorming at the Galley at the Marina on Feb 10th.
With that said I have landed back in the HVAC industry with an offer too good to pass up. ASM-All Systems Mechanical Heating and Air Conditioning Company is a residential HVAC company based in Los Angeles. They have over 25 years of experience in LA, have a five star reputation, and are proudly Veteran owned. ASM-San Diego is now open for business. I will be running the show here as their regional manager. I'm thrilled for this opportunity and wanted my friends to know.
I'll be back to a limited calendar of performances as soon as the repaired shoulder is ready.

Performing the Soundtrack of Our Lives

... I was 12 years old listening to the Beach Boys surfing those endless summer days at La Jolla Shores and Pacific Beach... blink a few times and I found myself living in the ranch lands and foothills of Southern California with my wonderful wife. I've sailed Tahiti, performed with so many gifted artists, I've opened concerts for rock stars and I've surfed In Mexico, Tahiti & Hawaii. I've been blessed with wonderful fans and so many incredible performance venues. Talk about living on dreams! I believe this all has been a God-Thing. My sincere thanks to all who have been part of this journey... and somehow the music delivers the energy that makes the magic.

Jim Ash for Congress, 53rd District, San Diego

Jim Ash, and his family are very dear friends. Jim has entered the political arena and is trying to make a difference for us all. I fully support his efforts and will do all that I can to help create awareness for his campaign. Please click this link to find out more...