Sailing Bora Bora lagoon. I keep this posted so I remember that when things get difficult there are always going to be good things to look forward to down the road.

Thank you Jimmy. I vividly remember hearing Margaritaville for the first time in 1977. Little did I know it would have had any influence on my life. But I learned that song and soon started singing in local bars. After 20 plus years of working two jobs I left my corporate job in 2005. Since that day it’s been all about music and entertaining. 

There are too many things that divide us in this country and music is the one thing that actually brings us closer together. So let’s turn off the news and get back together and live in harmony. 

Turn It Up
Gary's latest CD recorded at Jim Soldi's OutHouse Studio Ramona Ca 2020

My 3rd CD recorded at Direct Image Studio Nashville, TN. 2010

My favorite songs from Living On Dreams (2002) and He’s Finally Living (2005) and one additional track; Geronimo recorded 2008 remastered in 2018

List of my original songs on the music player below. Enjoy.

Flaco, The Island Boy

Bal Hai Boys


Sea of Cortez

Living On Dreams

Run Tourist Run

Beaches Are Empty

He's Finally Living

Gone Surfin

Christmas on the Coast

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