In Jan 2019 I was diagnosed with a spinal cord injury requiring immediate surgery. They cut through the front of my neck completely destroying my vocal cords. It was two months later when I realized I'd lost the ability to sing. I couldn't hit a note to save my life. That started an instant depression thinking it was all over. 
After about one week of this pity-party I was hosting for myself I started praying. I called a doctor friend of mine. I spoke with my speech therapist, family members and some friends. Every one of them encouraged me. So I started a vocal rehab program. The first day was a five minute session which soon turned into 30 minutes a day. Within two months I was up to 5 hours a day. It was very raw and not ready for an audience, and it took most of the year, but my voice has come back. Even stronger. The fear of losing something which I've cherished was a great motivator. Never quit was what I heard in my prayers. 
I feel blessed and live in a world of gratitude these days, and so I began to write again. That's another part of my story...
After two close friends passed away in May of 2019 I was asked to write a song for a memorial service. I met with Jim Soldi at The OutHouse Studio in Ramona, CA and we recorded that song; The Angel Watching Over Us. That session was unlike any other recording session I've ever done. It happened almost magically. Quite often a producer doesn't get what an artist has in mind, Not this time. After hearing what Jim had done my wife encouraged me to keep writing. It had been about 10 years since I'd tried that. What I found in this reborn process was a sense of gratitude and a joyful spirit, and it was present in my writing. Hesitantly, I played a couple of the songs for Audrey, who loved what she heard and said, "honey it’s time. Go do another CD!”  I called Jim Soldi and thus began this process.
This CD has positive and joyful message: we need to stop adding to the negativity and the noise in life and start helping to make this a better world. One way to do that is to turn the noise down and turn the music up.
I’ve had great moments in my music career but this CD is the most magical thing I’ve been a part of yet. I have high hopes that the future will continue to bring better moments for us all. 
To all the excellent musicians on this project (friends who had already earned my respect). To the endless love, support and help I receive daily from my wife. To my grandson and cowriter of “Horses and Cows” who brings endless joy to my life. To my family members, friends, and fans who are at my shows day after day. To the abundant talents, hard work ethic, good heart and incredible producing capabilities of Jim Soldi. And to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I sincerely thank you all.
It took this village of love to create Turn It Up. Put this CD into your player and Turn It Up. You will feel the positive and fun vibe. 

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I had been wanting to listen to your CD but didn't have a CD player in the house and kept forgetting to put it in my car. Finally found an old boom box in my garage and listened to it Friday morning. And Saturday, and this morning. I get up early before Nancy, so its nice to listen without any distractions. It is so good!! Love the variety. Makes you tap your foot, dance, smile, laugh, reflect on life, or feel sad (that was when the CD stopped and I realized I couldn't get song #12 to play). I always have trouble when people ask me what my favorite fruit is cause I like em all, so I say fruit salad. That's your CD, ripe fruit salad. Got the cherries and bluesberries, island bananas and pineapple, and... hey, who put the corn in the fruit salad...But it all blends well and taste so good! Love it!

Kenny S

Received your CD today. Popped it right in - AWESOME BROTHER !! Very well done and the songs are truly you -I was especially drawn to Horses and Cows, The Old Man In The Chair and The Angel Watching Over Us. With all the crazy things going on right now, with the way the universe speaks to you , combined with your great big old heart, you will have another set of songs ready to go in no time. I appreciate you sharing a part of your life with me-it means a great deal.  Love ya brother - God Bless / Keep the Faith

Ceaser I

I have to commend you on the "great vibe" of your record . . . it is upbeat, positive and joyful. I am so proud of you . . . especially under the conditions the album was written, performed and recorded in. You are an inspiration to me!

Rohn T


The Musicians on Turn It Up

Gary Seiler - Guitar, Ukulele & Vocals
Jim Soldi - Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Mandolin, Steel Guitar, Keyboards, & Backup Vocals 
Jim Reeves - Bass
Rick Schmidt - Steel Guitar
Sharon Whyte Soldi - Piano, Keyboards & Backup Vocals
Danny Campbell - Drums 
Dennis Caplinger - Fiddle, dobro & banjo
Linda Amundsen - Backup Vocals 
Carolyn Kelly - Backup Vocals
Catherine Kelly - Backup Vocals
Rachel Kelly - Backup Vocals
Larry Grano - Drums on The Angel Watching Over Us.
Producer Jim Soldi
Recorded at The Outhouse (Studio) Ramona, CA
Cover photos by Todd Doggett
Executive Producer Audrey Decroo

The Songs

  1. Turn It Up - by Gary Seiler ... A song that is a tribute to what music has meant to me throughout my years. The music of Poco, the Allman Brothers,  Marshall Tucker, Loggins & Messina, Roy Orbison, Neil Diamond... I always had my stereo turned up. It all started while watching Ed Sullivan. 
  2. A Better World by Audrey Decroo & Gary Seiler ... Simply said, we need to make this world a better place for our children. "We can not solve our problems with the same thinking that we used to create them." - Albert Einstein 
  3. Tell Me (for Audrey) - by Gary Seiler ... My life was blessed beyond anything I ever deserved when I met my wife. This is her song.
  4. Horses and Cows - by Brecken Seiler & Gary Seiler ... My grandson, Brecken (8 years old at the time) and I, while driving down our road, saw a field of horses and cows all sharing water and hay. He said to me, "Look Papa they're all getting along. Why can't people do that?" I told him, “get your iPad out and start writing.” Here’s our song.
  5. Tropical Blues - by Jimmy “Coach” Kelly & Gary Seiler ... I've written a few things with my cowriter and friend Jimmy Coach Kelly. He sent me the outline for this song. When life gives you the blues, take them down to the those beautiful blues you can only find in the tropics. 
  6. Ukulele Shuffle - by Gary Seiler ... A cute story with a joyful message, and my favorite song on this project. Play this one if you need to feel happy.
  7. The Old Man in the Chair - by Gary Seiler ... The last part of my dad's life was hard. This song celebrates who he was long before that chair held him down. His spirit touched me as I sat in a camping chair in the High Sierras' near Mammoth Trying to finish this song. I’m so grateful for all the years we had together Pop. 
  8. One Big Honky Tonk - by Gary Seiler ... While watching a tribute to George Jones on TV I paused it and wrote this song. A honky tonk bar is where many a broken hearted people have gone to reconcile their pain. I've been there.
  9. Chasing Cherries - by Dr. Rob DeBruin, Jim Soldi & Gary Seiler ... We were on a houseboat on Lake Oroville in Northern California when my buddy, Dr Rob handed us a bag of cherries. He said something like, "when you find a sweet one you should stop eating! You could eat the entire bag and never taste a better cherry." He calls that, "Chasing Cherries". It's a metaphor for life. How many people have had it great yet screwed it up by chasing something else and lost the sweet thing they once had. It’s about Temptation. Dr Rob plays harmonica on this track.
  10. Island Shores - by Gary Seiler ... How many people have gone to Hawaii and wished they never had to leave? This is a story I created about two people that spontaneously decided to stay.
  11. The Angel Watching Over Us - by Gary Seiler ... Inspired by the sudden loss of a couple close friends. It reminds us that though they aren't physical here with us I feel strongly that they're always with us in our hearts.