Seiler Walker & MacDonald, Focused on the performance

Seiler Walker & MacDonald, Focused on the performance

Seiler G-Dog & Mac

April 25 The Galley at the Marina Seiler G-Dog & Mac 5-9pm

April 28 Gordon Biersch Seiler G-Dog & Mac 7-10pm

May 12 Gordon Biersch Seiler G-Dog & Mac 7-10pm

May 19 83 Degrees Carlsbad Seiler & G-Dog 8:30-11:30pm

May 17 Hacienda Casa Blanca Seiler G-Dog & Mac 5:30-8:30pm

May 26 Gordon Biersch Seiler G-Dog & Mac 7-10pm

May 31 Hacienda Casa Blanca with Jerry Gontang and G-Dog 5:30-8:30pm

June 10 Galley at the Marina 5-9pm Seiler G-Dog & special guest

Seiler & Walker - Ride Again

Back in 2009 Gary Seiler needed a change in direction. He was the band leader of the Buffed Out Band, A Jimmy Buffett tribute show in So Cal, which had just completed a 20 year run.

Gerry Dog Walker, Pedal Steel Guitarist extraordinaire was also looking for something fresh after 30 plus years of performing in some of the best country bands in California. The two were introduced on the stage at the Galley at the Marina one unsuspecting Sunday evening. Things clicked, a friendship blossomed, and the CoastRders’ Band was formed.

After six years Gerry Dog needed a break and Gary continued on with the CoastRiders and his popular solo shows.

In late 2017 friends of Gerry Dog asked them to get together for a birthday party. It didn’t take any coaxing to bring these two together for a evening of music and fun. That’s how great things happen sometimes, accidentally. And so these two friends found themselves enjoying stage time together and sharing their passion for vocal oriented performances. It’s absolutely a fun pairing. Come enjoy the music of the Eagles, Beach Boys, the Everley Brothers, Simon & Garfunkel  and more. (See events listed below)