Welcome Everyone 

RIP Jimmy Buffett




I have one public show remaining, then I’ll disembark from this cruise. I’ve been sailing on this dream for almost half a century. I’ve loved singing and entertaining for most of the past 5 decades but it’s time to move on. Jimmy Buffett’s passing has made me realize I’ve missed enough of my personal life being booked somewhere other than here. It’s been a great run since my 2-first shows, which incidentally was singing Margaritaville, Changes in Latitudes and Peaceful Easy Feeling at Andy’s Saloon’s closing down ceremonies in La Mesa, CA. I made $60 those two nights. That was in 1977. I was hooked from the first night. Many shows, many friends, and a multitude of great and fortunate years later I’m lucky enough to go out on my terms. I can’t thank you all enough for the support. I’m truly and overwhelmingly grateful, and blessed.

My last show is Oct 6th at Carlton Oaks 4:30-7:30pm 

I hope to see you down the road. 

Stay healthy and God bless us all. 


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Gerry Dog put together this video. It was a blast being part of it: 

People Are Crazy: (that’s a fact!)

Thanks Tim Flannery and Jimmy Buffett for making the photo (below) possible below. Tim, Sharron Schumaker and I started a band in 1992 and our fifth show was the opening act for Jimmy Buffett.

The two young guitar players on stage here are Me & Jimmy Buffett. Mark Rutledge on congas. Not shown in this photo but on stage; Tim Flannery and Shaaron Schuemaker. The original Bufed Out Band. San Diego Convention Center Nov 6, 1992