In the 1990s Gary became popular on the west coast for his Jimmy Buffett tribute both as a solo artist and with his cover band. Those performances ended up garnering him a long and prestigious clientele list doing shows in Tahiti, across the American continent, the resorts of Las Vegas and Mexico.

As the years flew by fewer music venues offered live “band” entertainment. Gary was able to stay employed by creating his solo show which he performs close to 150 shows a year. He has released four CDs of original songs and performs at songwriter shows, music festivals and various local Southern California venues.

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Some steel drums in a sing…

Some steel drums in a sing…

Keys in the Conch Shell recorded Wed Dec 1, 2021

featuring Gerry Dog Walker, Jackie Ayres Powers and me.


Glory Days

Here are just a few highlights of the past 25 plus years:

Nov 6, 1992 The Buffed Out Band Opening Act for Jimmy Buffett San Diego Convention Center. Jimmy joined my band and we all sang Havana Day Dreaming together. My folks, my son, and many good friends were there to support me. A wonderful night.

August 1994 opening act for the San Diego Padres post game beach party at Jack Murphy Stadium featuring Jan & Dean, the Surfaris, Dick Dale, the Chantey’s, and the Buffed Out Band (Tim Flannery, Shaaron Hancock, Taylor Harvey, Tom Van Ourkirk and Gary Seiler)


May 23, 1993 Opening Act for Willie Nelson in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Willie was the kindest most sincere celebrity I have ever spoken with. Such a memorable event.

Oct 13, 1995 played with Jimmy Buffett and the Corral Reefers at Irvine Meadows, CA. Jimmy gave me an autographed Gibson guitar and a video of the show. 

2002 Gary Seiler “Living On Dreams” CD Release 

2004- 2011 Mulligan’s Island Concerts on the Beach San Carlos Mexico

2005 Gary Seiler “He’s Finally Living” CD Release

2005 The Pacific to Atlantic US Tour

2005 The Tahiti Tour 

2010 Gary Seiler “Toes in the Sand” CD Release recorded a Nashville, TN.

March 15, 2020 Gary Seiler “Turn It Up” CD Release




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