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RIP Toby Keith &  Jimmy Buffett


You guys gave us so much. We will be in your eternal debt. 


Thank you Jimmy. I vividly remember hearing Margaritaville for the first time in 1977. Little did I know that it would have had any influence on my life. But within days of hearing it I learned that song, and Changes in Latitudes, and soon started singing in local beer joints. The pull of performing live music was just too great to keep me locked in my day job and after 20 plus years of working two jobs I left the corporate world and gave all I had to the stage  

In Oct 2023 I retired due to health issues. I had a great run. Time to try to fix the body parts that can be fixed and maybe find a place to fish and camp out. 
Thank you all for the love and the fun. 

Thank you for the memories