In 2009, after several years as a touring musician I decided to stop the troubadour life. I was newly married at that time and needed to make this marriage my priority. I'm happy to say after 15 years it worked out great for me and my wife. However I missed the touring shows for one main reason: I was performing my original songs at every show. Once I stopped the touring life I settled into the local music scene and was performing over 250 shows a year. I lost the connection with my original songs as the local venues all wanted cover songs, music that people recognized. So why share this story now? 

Lets go “Back to the Future”

I retired from performing full time in 2023. After a few months I was trying to figure out how to keep doing some shows but not doing more than I could handle physically, with the arthritis issues. I had a few conversations with my buddy, Billy Maine and we decided to put this duo together, performing my original songs along with other hit songs.

I’m looking forward to sharing my songs and my stories once again. 

Hope to see you as we kick off in June 2024mmer.

Performing my Original Songs on Stage. Coming Spring 2024.